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Copyedit Service

In the interest of honing your craft, we offer careful and thoughtful copyediting. Designed to get the nuts and bolts right - the art of punctuation, the use of the appropriate word, the internal consistency of the story - this is the key to professional submissions that get attention.

Copyediting is technical, very fussy, and its goal is to produce an MS that is free from spelling errors, inconsistencies (a character's eyes cannot change from blue to brown half-way through the tale), timeline anomalies, and other such flaws.  A good copyeditor will point out bad transitions, locales that are either unclear or impossible, etc.  In this digital age, the writer is also entitled to expect a good copyeditor to be sure the MS is digitally viable and follows the rules of the program (very likely MS Word) re new page codes and the like.

Getting a world class agent to consider representing you demands not only talent, but a manuscript as free of error as possible, i.e., clean copy that follows the rules of presentation.  We offer first class digital copyediting services done to professional standards.  The industry bible is Words Into Type, frequently referred to as WIT.  We follow WIT rules in either US or UK English.

The charge for this service is $4.00 (USD) per 8.5x11 double spaced page in Times New Roman 12 point type, a fair and competitive price for such an important service. 

We accept payment, half in advance and the balance when the work is done.  Please contact us at to arrange for payment (this sort of thing does not lend itself well to PayPal), and to determine when we can start on your MS.  Please do not include your credit card info in your email.