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One of the things we've learned as we try to help authors get the data they need to make wise choices about agents is that very often those writers simply don't know where to begin. There is a lot of data out there, but not necessarily a lot of information.

The CUSTOMIZED FINGERPRINT is our core business - we've been at it for fifteen years - and it puts our long years of writing and publishing expertise at your disposal.   Our selections are nuanced, carefully chosen, and backed up with considerable knowledge and extensive research.

When you order the CUSTOMIZED FINGERPRINT, we send you an email questionnaire asking for bio data, info about the book, special requirements, etc.  Then we come back to you with further questions. This is a very personal email back-and-forth and allows you to discuss your project with a writer of considerable experience.  Once we understand what you're doing, we prepare reports on six to eight agents with track records of selling similar material and whom we believe to be right for your work.  The reports are accompanied by a detailed memo from Beverly that explains why these particular agents are right for you.  She discusses your project and makes suggestions on how to most effectively structure your queries.  The package comes as an electronic attachment to an email in no more than sixteen business days.  However, if you need it more quickly, opt for the 'expedited' service, jump the queue, and get your report in two business days.

There cannot be any guarantees, but writers with really strong pieces of work will find getting the Customized Fingerprint a move very much in their best interest. 

"Well, I am blown away by your fingerprint response!  It is three times what I expected... gives the real flavor of these folks business lives... I must have 200 pp. of reports.  They are like gold to someone querying these agents. Again, many, many thanks from a satisfied customer. D.P. October 8, 2014"  

This Service costs $360.00
The supplement for adding two-business-day-delivery is $50.00

There are two related services also available:

You can do a telephone consultation with Beverly about the ways and hows of your agent search.  The cost for this consultation is $100 for up to thirty minutes.   Appointments for the telephone service should be arranged by email. Please do not include your credit card info in the email.

You can also choose to have an edit of your query letter.   This service is only available as a supplement to the CFP.  The additional cost for this suppliment to the CFP is $100. 

Click here for a preview of the questionnaire...

Some comments from writers after they received their CFP reports...

"I'm going over your material right now and I'm already ecstatic!  Today is my birthday so it couldn't come at a better time.  Thank you for your hard work and I'll keep you posted on how it all pans out."
    - Steve, Canada

"I've now had time to digest the file you sent me.  I was familiar with many of the writers and agents mentioned...but to see the information turned into a narrative with facts and figures is like attending a graduate level program in publishing and agenting.  I've tried to do my homework and learn the business but you...have taken it to another level.  I really appreciate the education.  It's exciting, as if you have drawn back the curtain and showed me the soul of the machine."
    - JC, New Yourk

What's in an AR&E Report?