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1. Is Agent Research & Evaluation a literary agency?

No, we do not represent writers or their work. AR&E is a consultant service which aims to help writers find effective literary representation.

2. Is AR&E a service primarily for unpublished writers?

No. We're happy to try and help not-yet-published authors, but most of our clients are in fact looking for their second or even their third agents. They are writers who have discovered that contrary to what they thought when they started writing, "anyone who'll take me on," is just not good enough.

3. I have a number of published books to my credit. Why wouldn't I simply get agent recommendations from other people in the book business, fellow-writers, my editor, etc.?

You don't write with a quill pen, do you? Time was when you had no option except to rely on word of mouth, or the latest headhunter to corner you at a party. These days you want hard facts. That's what we provide. Moreover, we're unique in that we offer analysis of an often bewildering welter of data - what does this agent's record really say about how he or she operates, and does it appear to be the kind of representation a given writer needs in a given circumstance?

4. Do you have all the deals a particular agent has made?

No. Never. What we report is what we cull from third party sources and there is no way it will include everything. Our data provide a representative sampling of the agent's clients and deals. And we analyze the information and say what it means. This is what makes the Customized Fingerprint, our core service, such a dynamite application for writers with a strong property. If your ms is ready for prime time, we can save you a lot of wasted effort and possibly the wrong literary agent. That's worth many thousands to your bottom line.

5. Does an AR&E report include data on subsidiary rights?

Absolutely. What we can tell you about any deal depends on what we've found, but usually it includes the primary buyer of the volume rights; the reprinter; the countries buying translation rights; the history of dramatic rights options/sales; and very often who paid how much for what.

See What's in an AR&E report

6. I'm an unpublished writer. How can AR&E assist me in locating an agent who will agree to represent me?

The most important thing to remember is that if you have produced a MS or have a proposal that's really ready for prime time, and one that has a ready market, any number of agents will probably take you on. The difficulty is getting the material read, and getting the agent who will most effectively represent it.

Our services are designed to help you jump those hurdles. We tell you which agents, and we help you design the kind of targeted query letter that will get attention.

7. Won't I shorten the process of finding representation if I write one dynamite letter about my work and send it to as many literary agents as possible?

NO! This is a mistake that many new authors make and one you should avoid at all costs. First, all agents do not respond to all types of books. You need to locate those who are successfully representing work that is like yours. Next you need to write a query letter that is carefully aimed at the agent whom you're approaching.

In other words, you need to show that you're smart enough to do your homework, not just another wannabe with dreams. Once you've composed specially tailored letters to the agents who interest you, there's no reason not to send them out at the same time.

8. Is this service very expensive?

No, not for the level of expertise and personal attention provided. You can do a basic Customized Fingerprint for $360.00, a modest sum for what may well be the most important decision of your writing life.

 We will help you distinguish between real agents and the other kind at absolutely no cost. Visit Our Services for more info.

9. How does the online secure ordering system work?

Electronic purchase transactions undertaken within the Agent Research site use PayPal technology, to keep your personal and financial details safe. PayPal is the world's most popular payment system is entirely secure and safe.

Our order form awaits you. If, however, you feel unsure about the technology, there's the option of a printable order form which can either be mailed or faxed to us.