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At Agent Research our job is to direct you to the literary agent who is right for your work at this stage in your career, whether you're writing your twentieth book or your first.

  • CUSTOMIZED REPORTS. We learn about you and your book through an exchange of email and, if you like, telephone contacts. Then, using our wide experience of publishing and literary agents, we produce a highly individualized, nuanced and in-depth report. We tell you who is selling what you're writing and how well they're doing it. And we help you design an approach to the literary agents we recommend.

  • LEGITIMATE AGENTS ONLY. No one we recommend charges any type of upfront reading fee, marketing fee, evaluation fee or any other fee, apart from a commission on work sold.

  • At this site, we operate on the principle that if your work is publishable you can get a real agent. If it isn't, no agent can help you. If that philosophy jibes with yours, please stay and look around.

  • Our Services will show you how to use our information to assist you in getting the vital data and making the right choice.

What kind of RESEARCH?

AR&E's database has been in the making since 1980 and includes:

  • pretty much every active literary agent in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada
  • thousands of authors and many thousands of their deals
  • the $ figures - when we know, which is often, we show you the money
  • information culled from the public record - largely the trade and general press and Internet to-the-trade sites.
If you want to know more about how and why we began accumulating this mountain of data, click on Who We Are.

What kind of EVALUATION?

Once you separate the charlatans from the legitimate authors' representatives, the vital question becomes which of these literary agents is right for you and your work at this stage of your career.

  • Our reports draw not just on our research, but on the intimate knowledge of everything to do with literary agents that comes from two decades of advising authors about their representational needs.Only another writer - one who has been writing and publishing for many years and many books - can discern your authorial voice, and know how important it is that any agent you approach be likely to respond to it. At AR&E we have that capability in house. (Again see Who We Are.) We go way beyond the simple questions of fiction or non-fiction, meant for kids or adults. We listen to you and to your work, and we respond to those harmonies.Explore and enjoy our site, and don't forget to visit the Story So Far to learn about other writers who have used our services. We hope we'll soon have the opportunity to work with you.

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